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20202908     Rīga
Vecums: 39
Augums: 162 cm
Svars: 59 kg
Krūšu izmērs: 3
Maksa par stundu: 50 EUR
Pakalpojumi: Masāža, Orālais
love kills!!!!!!!Massage Queen Lienna make absolutely super perfect classic massage for adults in Riga with extra elegant hot erotic,no pervert sex.With me you will forget about absolutely all problems, credits and adversity.I dissolving stress, bad thoughts, renewed strength to live and desire to become a millionaire.Students and stupid young guys under 33 have nothing to do with me, because hard sex is not possible for me, I have not sofa.Candles,super romance, individual approach to each client.I don't have a conveyor belt because I have one of the most expensive massages in Riga. A good massage does not cost kopecks.I have a sex bomb figure, breast size 3, natural breasts but waist, bottom small.If you want to invest your 50 euros in the best memories, you can call me safely.When I'm at work, I can't answer phone calls, you can send me a sms and I'll call you as soon as I can!Massage with me-it's a holiday wall aand a day in paradise for you!I'm not joking! love kills!
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